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Radioactivity levels

Date: 01-05-12
ChNPP68 μR/h
Pripyat66 μR/h
Chernobyl19 μR/h
CP Dityatki8 μR/h
Kiev10 μR/h
Moscow11 μR/h
Vienna10 μR/h
Detroit8 μR/h


Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

Pripyat. Four Seasons

   Chernobyl Exclusion Zone visitors often discuss among themselves on the most optimal season to visit Pripyat. Some people like to come exclusively during "the golden autumn" to contemplate the stunning yellow leaf cover in the city. Some prefer to come in the summer and in the beginning of September because they need weather comfort. Many people visit Pripyat spring when the foliage has not yet started a merciless attack on the city. Everyone in this matter has its own preferences and tastes. Personally, I believe that Pripyat is beautiful in all seasons. There is absolutely dominant seasons, which will be clearly superior to all others. Each season has its own characteristics and uniqueness, which is not peculiar to any other seasonal time. Anyone interested in the city and in the whole Zone would have, in my opinion, to visit Pripyat in all seasons. It seems that you come to the same city, where there are so familiar buildings, but every time Pripyat with different... As if you come to the city for the first time! And still, despite repeated visits, keep discovering something new and unknown before. To understand the uniqueness of the landscape aesthetics of Pripyat, you must to see how the city looked like during the four seasons - winter, spring, summer and autumn.

   So, first things first...

Welcome to Pripyat!

The public project of was founded in 2004 by former Pripyat residents as the ‘unofficial’ web site for Pripyat. Since its foundation, the web site has grown into the world’s largest online community about the Chernobyl disaster. Recognising the importance of Pripyat for future generations, our aim is to have Pripyat recognised as a ‘museum city’ and afforded the appropriate protection it deserves. is a resource for everyone who loves this city. Whether you’re interest is pre or post accident, current isolation or uncertain future you’ll find the information here. As long as this web site exists, so does the city of Pripyat.

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A dismantling of the famous vent tube at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is started

   A dismantling of the famous vent tube at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is started. At about 14.20 on Kiev time the first of three planned to dismantle the currently segments was cut.

   VT-2, located in the immediate vicinity of the destroyed Unit 4, and after towering over the "Shelter" has become a kind of symbol of the Chernobyl disaster.

   And now famous Chernobyl tube goes down in history.



"To touch by hand the silence" exibition in Moscow

Рукою тронуть тишину


    From July 31 to August 18, 2013 in Moscow exhibition hall "Hodynka" (Irina Levchenko street, 2) Art Exhibition will be held author Catherine Isayenko "To touch by hand the silence."
    Catherine - the founder of the charity fund to assist victims of the Chernobyl disaster, "Prometheus," the first deputy of the international public organization "Center" and its representative in the Russian Federation. Its graphics and watercolor works in a special transmit a unique atmosphere for all residents abandoned places.

    The exhibition will be open daily from 11.00 to 21.00 (except Mondays).
    Telephone showroom: 7 (499) 198-76-84.

    Metro station: "Oktyabr'skoe pole."




IPO "Center" announces fundraising for development "Pripyat 3D" project.

International public organization "Center" announces fundraising for development of the "Pripyat 3D" project - a virtual museum of the city of Pripyat, the epicenter of the Chernobyl disaster. Everyone can contribute to the preservation of the city of Pripyat at least in cyberspace!

The book by Lyubov Sirota "Pripyat syndrome" has been fully translated into English.


Dear friends! Thanks to the selfless help of our friends in the UK and the USA, the book by Lyubov Sirota "Pripyat syndrome" has been fully translated into English. Although some money for its publication has already found, but we still do not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of printing an entire first edition.

International exhibition "WE WANT TO REMEMBER" April 18 - May 1, 2011

IPE Center Pripyat.kom and charitable fund for victims of Chernobyl "Prometheus" will organize again a photo exhibition under this motto. The exposition of the rarest of video and photo tells the story of the worst technological disaster in history and the tragic fate of the town of Pripyat, which now turned ghost. Over 25 years have passed since those tragic events, has managed to grow a generation for whom the Chernobyl disaster is only a history. But the more muffled the voices of memory, the more important to listen them.