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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

Happy birthday! ...or One year in the life of the webcam :)

    October 9 exactly a year since as the site of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant  broadcasting mounting and lifting of elements of the New Safe Confinement (usually called the Arch) was started. Translation is using a web camera SONY SNC-RZ25P, provided to the Station of the International Public Organization "Center Pripyat.com" .

   It's time to look back a little bit. In this article we can see that got into the lens of the first public webcams in the Zone this year.



November 24, 2012. The camera has been running for six weeks. Arch installation is under way, although it looks not so impressive.

A day later. The first ascent of the Arch took place.

December 14. Arch in the snow.

Sometimes the power supply to the camera was interrupted for a moment and when the camera is installed in its "zero" position, "turning" toward the outdoor switchgear of the ChNPP.

Screenshot at one point during turn to the Arch from "zero" position.

And it's the middle of June, made the second errection of the eastern segment of the Arch. Complements this picture of the moon in the sky.

July night. The camera in its "zero" position and the moonlight reflected by the Sarcophagus :)

The beginning of august. In the lens were shadows of the old and the new vent pipes.

August 14, summer evening at sunset.


...and a rain two days after.

...and sunset again!


September fog. Sometimes It happens.

Another september morning with low clouds


September 27, seven-thirty in the morning. At the Arch looming shadow of the sarcophagus and the new ventilation pipe.

And one more sunset ...

and ... one more rain, but our camera works.

At the time of one of the point the camera at the Arch we got a little panoram view of the site where the Arch was mounted.

Camera was mounted on the stabilizing structures of the "Shelter". It continues working.

We thank ChNPP workers for cooperate fully in the implementation of the project and the forum pripyat.com members: DNS, Andrew Langepas, lukies and Katsuk for preserving and presenting the image.

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