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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

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Today night Chugunov Vladimir died...

From the book by Scherbak "Chernobyl":

A call from the chief of the reactor shop № 1 change (NA RTS-1) Chugunov. A remarkable man, I have told about it. Chugunov has just returned from unit 4. Dire straits.

The background is high everywhere. Products with the scale of 1000 micro roentgen per second cannot even measure it. There are failures, many ruins.
Chugunov and deputy chief engineer for the exploitation turn 1 (1 and 2 units) Anatoly A. Sitnikov, tried to open the valve fittings reactor cooling system. They were unable its "derail". Tightly prolong.
Need healthy, strong guys. There are no such reliable on the shield block management 4. They are already exhaled. Frankly speaking, it is scaring. Reveal the complex emergency "personal protection". Drink potassium iodine with water. What a shit! However, it is necessary. Orlov took potassium iodine in tablets. Dress up in silence. Put plastic covers on feet, double gloves, "petals". Spread of pockets documents and cigarettes. As if, we go into exploration. Take the mining lamp. Verify the light brightness. Helmets are on heads.

Remember their names. The names of those, who went to help comrades fallen in distress. They went without an order, without receipts, without knowledge of the true background. By the way their professional, human decency dictates, and communist conscience:
-- Vladimir Chugunov, the chief operating reactor plant.
-- Vyacheslav A. Orlov, deputy chief operating reactor plant.
-- Nehaev Alexander, a senior mechanical engineer RTS-1.
-- Arkady Uskov, engineer for the exploitation of RTS-1.
Maybe it says too loudly and immodesty. Confident the motives were the most selfless assistance, high. Moreover, it is not necessary to remember our names. Maybe the high commission will ask us "Why did you go there?"

Александр Сирота


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