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NPP News in brief

This is the 21st Desnay. Young nuclear workers from all Russian nuclear power plants, Obninsk, the State Technical University of Nuclear Energy (Obninsk), Ignalina NPP (Lithuania), Slavutich (Ukraine), Energoatom energy company (Ukraine), the Volgodonsk branch of the Southern Russian State Technical University are taking part in the festival this year.

The festival was opened on July 26 with representatives of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation, Rosenergoatom Concern, Leningrad NPP and Sosnovy Bor attending the ceremony.

“Rosatom gives top priority to the support of youth,” Director for Contacts with Public Organizations and Regions of Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation Igor Konyshev said. “Desnay must become a school for all organizations of young nuclear workers. I think that the young people that are here today meet the high standards we set for our personnel.”

“People are the gear of any industry in any country. Desnay is an opportunity for you to jointly gear up our progress,” the deputy director general-the director for personnel management and social security of Rosenergoatom Concern Dmitry Cherneyko said.

“Rosenergoatom Concern has always been and is a socially responsible company. One of our key priorities is to ensure worthy life for our employees and people living in nuclear cities. Desnay is one of the forms of our youth policy along with traditional festivals, spartakiads, rallies of tourists,” the assistant director general of Rosenergoatom Concern for youth, sport and tourism Oleg Zhyoltov said. “Here at Desnay you have created a unique unforgettable atmosphere of creativity. Desnay is an excellent opportunity for our young workers to display their creative talents.”

While welcoming the participants and guests of the festival, the deputy director for social security of Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant Nikolay Kirillov said that it was symbolical that Leningrad NPP was hosting Desnay in the same year it was marking its 35 th birthday.

“This festival helps to attract young people into our industry and encourages young workers to migrate to new NPP construction sites, particularly, Leningrad NPP-2,” Kirillov said.

“It is good that young people from all nuclear power plants of Russia and their colleagues from Ukraine and Lithuania can meet here and learn something from one another. This is not contrary to our industrial tasks: as a rule, people who know how to rest well also know how to work well,” the chairman of the Trade Union of Leningrad NPP Alexander Zaytsev said.

The head of the Administration of Sosnovy Bor Dmitry Pulyayevsky welcomed the Desnay people on behalf of all residents of his city.

The deputy head of the Department for Construction of Leningrad NPP-2 Yuri Momot said that next year LNPP-2 might also send a team to the festival.

All the participants in the festival are unanimous that once you have felt the spirit of Desnay you cannot but come back here. The Desnay movement is steadily growing. “This year we have two “freshmen”,” says the captain of the team of Leningrad NPP Aleksey Klepikov. “But the core of our team are guys who represented our plant last year.”

One of the founders of the festival, the team of Slavutich (Ukraine) has 12 newcomers. ”We expect the festival to be bright, interesting and joyous as always,” says the captain of Slavutich Alexander Makarov.


The first Desnay took place on the shore of Lake Luodis near Ignalina NPP (Lithuania) in 1988. Now the festival has moved to Leningrad NPP. It is a great opportunity for young nuclear workers to have good time, to communicate and to exchange views concerning their hard but very essential profession

In Aug 1993 Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant opened a center for training personnel. The key mission of the Center, directed by Sergey Berdyugin, is to train highly qualified specialists. The center has unique equipment: full-scale and analytical simulators. Each year the center introduces new training methodologies.

All employees of Balakovo NPP undergo regular training and retraining courses at the center. 998 operators, 1,685 maintainers and 4,867 other employees were trained at the center last year.

In Apr 2008 resident of Volgodonsk V.Pavlov called the Rescue Service from his mobile phone and misinformed them about a fire at Volgodonsk Nuclear Power Plant.

The Justice Court of Volgodonsk has ruled that Pavlov has violated article 19.13 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation (misleading call to a specialized service) and has imposed an administrative fine on him.

According to information provided by Public Information Centers of Leningrad NPP, Balakovo NPP,

Volgodonsk NPP and Press service of Rosenergoatom Concern

Александр Сирота


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