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December 14 marks 22 years since the appearance of official Notice of the CPSU Central Committee

December 14 marks 22 years since the appearance of official Notice of the CPSU Central Committee and the Council of Ministers of USSR on the issue of the State Commission on the acceptance of maintenance of the "Shelter Object", erected over the destroyed fourth unit of the Chernobyl NPP. Currently, ChNPP industrial site is being prepared to building a new safe confinement.

By SUE POM director - Lorin Dod:
- To date, a lot of preparatory work that should have been held, before starting construction, is done. We have a contract with the company UTEM, which is preparing the territory, where later the construction of the NSC will be. The scope of work includes, first, cleaning up the territory, where it will meet arch, to following «movement»; secondly, an excavation at the sites for building the arch foundation, while it is in a position to the project. The first phase is already ending, and the company UTEM passes to the second phase.
The «Novarka» company, we have contracted for the project and the construction NSC began work at the end of last year, organizing offices in Paris, Kiev and Slavutych. To date, in the offices of the project (for the settlement of various organizational issues) employs over 200 people. As regards the works on site, much of the territory of the ChNPP and Exclusion Zone has passed to «Novarka». These are areas in which they are organized themselves to build the arch, and also created ancillary facilities and working offices.

Now the local area is working on the study of soils. Moreover, «Novarka» provided us with a very important document - in essence, a preliminary report on safety and the concept of the project. It allows being sure understanding between the contractor, client and regulatory authorities to design criteria and a common approach to the construction of the NSC. In addition, the document describes the approach to work with regulatory authorities in time of licensing. Moreover, I can point out that with its emergence can be said - solid contact was created.

At the same time, «Novarka» resides in the first phase of design. Now they have provided the project documents for the foundation and metal arches. There will be a review of these documents, after which specialists from«Novarka» will refine and detail the draft. Equipment for excavation has been ordered and will be delivered to the site very soon. Literally, in the next few months, all will be able to see works in the active phase. In February, «Novarka» plans to deploy the first order for the metal to be used for the construction of the arch. However, I want to stress that all the work the contractor will take place only after agreement with regulators. To date, SUE POM experts, «Novarka» and other participants of the NSC project will take all possible efforts and all work will be completed by 2012.

I want to note that SUE POM will provide an opportunity for works by Ukrainian contractors. In the near future will be a tender for the construction of a new vent ducts for the second stage. As well, as plans to work at the plant for the treatment of radioactive waste. The «Novarka» company main contract amount more than 500 000 dollars. Most likely, «Novarka» require subcontractors to carry out part of the scope of work, and they can take on the Ukrainian construction companies.
This is only the beginning of the great activities. Work starts on dismantling SO, the removal of fuel masses, and this volume is much greater than those been implemented so far and done now.

in conversations with my colleagues I always stress that there is a very important job, and it is only a small part of a general program to be undertaken in the future. For Ukraine and for the European Community is very important to complete the work, which scheduled after the construction of the NSC.



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