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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

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Chernobyl to become Ukraine’s Las Vegas?

The Cabinet is to determine during 3 months where and how playing zones will be established/ A MP from BYut (The Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc) Valery Pisarenko, initiator of the bill on prohibition of gambling business, says Ukrainian analogue of Las Vegas is planned to be created – some center containing all arcade machines, casino and infrastructure.

“The region is to be depressed, far from big cities without agriculture”, Pisarenko explains. “In my first bill I suggested four zones (separate regions in Donbass, Western and Central Ukraine and Crimea). Last year the Chernobyl zone was planned to be used but there was lack of votes for prohibition of gambling business. Steppe region of Crimea remains as a priority. I think everybody will approve it”.

South of Ukraine is the most appropriate place, the Segodnya newspaper is citing a MP from the Party of Regions Anatoly Kinakh as saying. “The shore of the Azov Sea, Odessa Region and steppe region of Crimea may be chosen. We need territory to be provided with transport infrastructure to give impulse to the development of resort business”, he says. 05:15 p.m. Today 2,000 workers of gambling industry have held a piquet near the building of the Presidential Secretariat. They were demanding from President Viktor Yushchenko to put a veto on the law on prohibition of gambling industry. The participants of the move were banging a drum and chanting “Give us work!” People carried slogans: “The Verkhovna Rada law N. 4268 – genocide of Ukrainians”, “Do not take work from people!”, “Mr. President, we ask you to veto the Verkhovna Rada law N. 4268”.



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