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Our disco

Actually, we are not talking only about the music of 80's, because the music which spun on our disco varies widely, ranging from The Beatles and Rock Around Clock, yes, and it all started a little earlier, in the seventies ...

In front of me is complimentary ticket, which reads:

"My dear friend! We invite you to an evening disco, which will be held November 4, 1979. Komsomol Committee", and on its cover painted with a pair of old gramophone records and the inscription« DISCO ». The ticket was printed in Chernobyl typography, drawing on the cover belongs to Janek, one of the organizers of this venture, as well as part-time DJ and Komsomol organizer of our ninth grade Pripyat high school number 1. Today, one can only wonder how in the 79th, when disco movement has just begun, ninth graders, with little or no outside help, managed to create a school party, which later participated in a city-competition discos and compete on equal terms with discos Directorate Chernobyl and radio factory "Jupiter" (and in my humble opinion, was better). I remember how hard it had to catch money on equipment of the directorate of school (by the way, is quite good at the time), before it honestly earned by urban work (so called "Subbotnik"), how people which weren’t  schoolboys broke to our discos by hook or crook... There were charges of anti-Soviet, and a power outage, which many of our discos came to an end and a scandal disco in "Energetic", after which we had to get away, secretly taking out the equipment through the emergency exit,.. and a lot of things, but the disco continued to exist after our graduating, supported by new enthusiasts ...

Since then, a large number of new styles and artists, but the music is very fond memories, and I think that is not obsolete yet. I invite you to remember with some stars 70's - 80's, which was both widely popular and little known in our country.


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