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Vasily Nesterenko died yesterday

Vasily Nesterenko was born 02.12.1934, in Krasny Kut village in Lugansk region, Ukraine. He was a scientist in the field of nuclear energy. Was a corresponding member of Belarus National Academy of Sciences (1972), Doctor of Science (1968), and professor (1969). He also was the Honored Worker of Science and Technology of BSSR (1979).

He graduated from the Moscow Bauman Higher Technical School (now the Moscow State Technical University) (1958). In 1958-1962 worked as a fellow in the Engines Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1963-1965 he worked. Head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Heat and Mass AN BSSR. Since 1965, he was the head of department and deputy director for scientific work. In 1977-1987, became the director of the Institute of Nuclear Energy AN BSSR. In 1971-1987, General Designer of the mobile nuclear power plant "Pamir." Since 1990, he worked as the director of the Institute of Radiation Safety "Belrad." In 1980-1985, he was the deputy of the Supreme Council BSSR. In 1990-1994, he was a chairman of the joint expert committee of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

He was known as an author of a number of researches in the field of nuclear energy and radiation safety. One of the authors of dissociative application of heat in nuclear power. Held a series of studies to explore new chemically reacting heat, to develop and establish methods for calculating thermo physical properties, heat, gas and technology dissociative gas analyst cycles and patterns of nuclear power plants, identify the techno-economic characteristics of nuclear power plants with fast neutron reactors.

Author of more than 300 scientific works, including 15 monographs and more than 320 inventions.

In 1986, he was awarded with BSSR State Prize for the development of biotechnology and the creation of industrial production rizotorfin using the method of radiation sterilization of the substrate and the introduction of the drug in agriculture republic.

Was awarded with the Badge of Honor "(1975) and medals.

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