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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

The Joint Statement of Nikolaev Public Organizations.

In the night of October 18, 2008, in Nikolaev, Chernobyl heroes’ memory square on Prospect Mira Str. was savagely destroyed.

More than two dozen of rare species of trees were cut down. Before dawn, the stubs that have remained after barbarous cutting down were also demolished to hide the evidence. In the morning construction of the fence started. The technics driving about has also destroyed a green lawn on the area about 3 thousand square meters.
After several calls of locals to the administration, there came Adviser to the Mayor Anatoly Pyatak, chairman of the Nikolaev Regional Organization «Chernobyl Union of Ukraine» Rubik Simonian activists of «Our city» public organization, city deputy and regional councils.

Police officers and state environmental inspection have drawn up corresponding statements. It turned out that «Ajax-II» company, that made this act of vandalism had no permission for demolition of greenery. Moreover, one of the co-founders of the company - Ms. Stepanova, has already been fined for illegal cutting of trees on the Krylov Street, 19b; few months ago.

Saturday incident has no analogue in the history of Nikolaev. Vandals invaded the holy memory of the Chernobyl heroes and victims. Twenty-two years ago, tens of thousands of people gathered from all over the country to save the world from the consequences of the largest nuclear accident in world history. Some lost their lives, others left in Pripyat, not only their health but also the health of their children. Thousands of liquidators of the Chernobyl accident and live in Nikolaev, and unprecedented act of vandalism probably would withdraw the pain in their hearts.

In recent years, the illegal destruction of greenery in Nikolaev is becoming more widespread.
Entire green zone, trees, flowerbeds, squares, and parks are destroyed. In most cases, it remains unpunished and the guilty are not found. If it continues, there is a real danger of turning Nikolaev to the «stone jungle» in a few years.

Nikolayev public organizations and locals demand a full investigation of the barbaric act in the Chernobyl heroes’ memory square and expect to punish vandals fully of the law.
Nikolaev Regional Organization «Chernobyl Union of Ukraine»
Public organization «Our City»
The Labor Union of ex-servicemen
Nikolaev Marine Assembly

Александр Сирота

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