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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

The National Museum of Chernobyl invites

Exhibition of Paintings "Shelter" is held in the frameworks of "SKY. OCEAN. LAND" project.

The exhibition will open on December 2, 2008 at 15.00 in the museum's exhibition "Chernobyl". Admission is free.
Museum Address: Kiev, Horevoy Lane, 1 (subway station Kontraktova Sq.)
Ph: (+3 8044) 425-43-29, 417-54-22

Since December 2, 2008 at the National Museum of Chernobyl, "art group" Strontium-90 "presents an exhibition of paintings" Shelter "- more than 20 works created in the years 2000-2008. The exhibition is held in the context of "Sky. Ocean. Land" project. Speaking of the Shelter, artists have in mind not only the sarcophagus over the destroyed Chernobyl unit, but also the entire Earth - a universal and the only safe shelter.

Chernobyl encouraged rethinking ideas about the world and placing the person in it. It features the world and the values are determined and set the culture of different eras and regions, for example, a culture of West and East, the Ancient world culture and modern culture.

Chernobyl snagged key cultural moments of our civilization. As a result, we may experience a turning point in the culture of humanity. It is obvious that art cannot remain outside of the process.

The main cause of Chernobyl – is the inconsistency of citizenship, responsibility, spirituality society level of high technology, which the company seeks to master. The pledge of safe use of high technology – is in eliminating the imbalance between the moral and technological development of society. On the other hand, as told in ancient times - the knowledge of things should not outstrip the knowledge of justice!

Chernobyl encouraged changing the minds of the modern human being, which often turns into self-destruction. Artists of the "Strontium-90" convinced that the solution of this problem contributes to the ability of people to perceive the world through not only the eyes and mind, but also an open heart, which is particularly relevant in the post day. It was in this group and it encourages creativity.

Socio-Ecological group of independent artists "Strontium-90" was created in Kiev in 1990. The basis of art group consists of such artists as Valery HOLEYKO, Tatiana CHEBROVA and Alexei BREUS.

The first group exhibition was held in Kiev on 26 April 1991, in the fifth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The group holds exhibitions and other actions, including projects, "Feedback", "MEGHASANDESHAM" («Message through the clouds"), "the universe - open contact", "Sky. Ocean. Land", "Pilgrim Universe" and others.

The group also held a number of shares as part of the "Chernobyl. Between the past and the future.» by the 20-th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. In particular, in December 2005, the artists of the "Strontium-90" group held at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant near the memorial share the memory of the fallen Chernobyl.

The site of the "Shelter" - www.artshelter.nm.ru
e-mail: museum-chornobyl@kv.ukrtel.net

Александр Сирота

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