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Belarusian officials can be banned entry to EU again

On December 15 Dutch politicians demanded the government of the Netherlands to take action against Belarusian officials including Alyaksandr Lukashenka. It has been stated in connection with the fact that the Belarusian officials prevent children from regions affected by Chernobyl nuclear power station disaster to go abroad for Christmas holidays.

As the BelaPAN informs with the reference to RIA Novosti, deputies of the largest party of the Dutch coalition the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA), Pieter Omtzigt and Maarten Haverkamp, have sent a letter to the Foreign Minister of the country Maxime Verhagen. In their letter the deputies stated that it is necessary to stop issuing visas for representatives of Belarusian authorities and their families.

Members of the Dutch parliament noted that though preventing recuperation trips of Chernobyl children, Belarusian officials and members of their families often go outside Belarus, in particular for studies. According to the CDA, ban for issuing visas for representatives of the Belarusian regime and their families should be formalized in the framework of the European Union. “For more than 20 years thousands of children from regions affected by Chernobyl disaster went for recuperation in the Netherlands. They live in Dutch families, and they always receive good care. We want Chernobyl children have an opportunity to go for holidays abroad again. Dwellers of many Dutch towns are ready to invite them and offer them wonderful Christmas holidays,” RIA Novosti quoted Pieter Omtzigt as saying. As we have informed on September 4 2008 “The Irish Times” was the first to inform about the ban for children’s going abroad.

Official representatives of Belarus didn’t confirm the news, though stated necessity to sign bilateral agreements with countries which receive Belarusian children for recuperation. The Foreign Ministry of Belarus refused to inform BelaPAN whether drafts of these agreements had been sent to all sides concerned. On October 13 by Decree No. 555 Alyaksandr Lukashenka amended Decree No. 98 of February 18, 2004 “On organizing recuperation of children abroad carried out on the basis of foreign grant aid”. According to the document, Belarusian organisations would be able to send children for recuperation trips only in the countries with which Belarus had concluded international agreements, which guarantee safe stay of children in a country and their timely return in their home country.

Problems with foreign recuperation trips of Belarusian children started after 16-year-old Belarusian girl Tatsyana Kazyra refused to return beck home from the US, where she was under a program of health recuperation. The girl submitted documents to the immigration service for extension of guest visa and stayed in the US waiting for the decision of the US authorities. In November she changed her mind and returned to her home country.


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