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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

IPO "Center PRIPYAT.com" announces fundraising for development "Pripyat 3D" project.

International public organization "Center PRIPYAT.com" announces fundraising for development of the "Pripyat 3D" project - a virtual museum of the city of Pripyat, the epicenter of the Chernobyl disaster. Everyone can contribute to the preservation of the city of Pripyat at least in cyberspace!

The initial idea of a 3D-model of Pripyat emerged during the creation of a detailed map of the city in April 2006, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster by former resident Sergei Nekhayev. In 2009, some fragments were first combined as a single computer model. While it couldn't be claimed to be complete and realistic, it confirmed the necessity and relevance of the "virtual" Pripyat.

With the advent of the project of Vladimir Lotovchenko and Dmitry Voropay, the Pripyat 3D got the second impulse: we defined the strategy of the project, and established a close and fruitful contacts with residents and emergency workers who shared their memories and unique photographic materials.

So we organized a number of special trips to determine the missing parameters of buildings and structures, including those located in remote areas of the city. This helped to continiously update the model with new objects and add the missing details of the existing ones. The project continues to get new modelers and photographers.

The Pripyat 3D, possibly, would be a greatest contribution to memory of the City, which, being under the influence of natural forces and human indifference goes into oblivion. Some objects can now exist only in memory of its inhabitants, in photographs and in this computer model. The project of creation of the virtual space is far from end. This video is the authors' opinion - a modest intermediate result, a report on its work.

At this point we ask everybody for donations, that can help us to grow it to release.



You can donate through:




Please add a comment to a transfer: For a "Pripyat3D" project.

Credit card - through our online store:

Basic donation is $1, you can define the amount buying as much donation items as you want (click here).


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