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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:

"To touch by hand the silence" exibition in Moscow

Рукою тронуть тишину


    From July 31 to August 18, 2013 in Moscow exhibition hall "Hodynka" (Irina Levchenko street, 2) Art Exhibition will be held author Catherine Isayenko "To touch by hand the silence."
    Catherine - the founder of the charity fund to assist victims of the Chernobyl disaster, "Prometheus," the first deputy of the international public organization "Center Pripyat.com" and its representative in the Russian Federation. Its graphics and watercolor works in a special transmit a unique atmosphere for all residents abandoned places.

    The exhibition will be open daily from 11.00 to 21.00 (except Mondays).
    Telephone showroom: 7 (499) 198-76-84.

    Metro station: "Oktyabr'skoe pole."






   April 26, 1986 mankind has woken up in a new world, where the consequences of the nuclear disaster turned into a science fiction novel in the harsh reality. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has divided life into "before" and "after."

   For the past 27 years have increased generation for whom "Chernobyl" and "Pripyat" - the concept of common nouns, and the catastrophe - the story or part of a computer game. We are used to having a "sarcophagus", to his deadly silence, and began to forget what a terrible price that silence was produced. But the muffled voice of the memory, the more important to listen to him. Therefore, we - "We want to be remembered!"
   In 2009, it launched an international project within it already passed the international photo exhibition in Russia, CIS and abroad.

   Pripyat ... For me, as for the tens of thousands of people who once lived in this wonderful young city, it is the native place.
   Youth, beauty, hope, health, dreams ... everyone left something abroad exclusion zone. But the city comes to life again and again on the pictures, the pictures in books, in movies, in memories, in actions. Dream city, suddenly turned into a monument to the worst man-made disaster of mankind, should not be forgotten ghost town.

   My work - not just a way to share their feelings, this is another opportunity to help those who are waiting for our help. Funds from the sale of products used for charitable purposes.
   I invite anyone to touch the silent silence of empty streets of Pripyat, enjoy the beauty of Polessye nature, feel and think ...

   The international project "We want to be remembered," and show "the hand touch the silence ...", organized by the IPO "Center Pripyat.com" - not just a tribute of respect and gratitude to the liquidators, the cost of their health and often lives to stop the catastrophe. This is a repetition of the lesson, aimed at preventing new similar disasters.

Catherine Isaenko.



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