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Should the city of Pripyat be saved?:


Awarded Ukrainian Children to Travel to Cuba

Kiev's City Hall organized the final award ceremony of 20 children who will travel to Cuba after participating for several months in contests of different artistic expressions.

‘Why I could never have given up my fragile Chernobyl child’

Sixteen years ago Chrissie McCaffrey took in a boy from Belarus. It was to give him just a few months respite from the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Property of ‘Assistance to Children of Chernobyl’ association has been seized

Custom’s officers ruined the major sponsor of the Gomel region. They penalized the leading charity organization to the amount of Br 330 million. In addition, 100 million rubles will be charged for utilization of the perished products, which had not reached the zone through the fault of the Custom’s officers. They perished at the warehouses, which had been rented for 50 million rubles.

Chernobyl kids ready to return

A CHARITY is gearing up to bring children from the nuclear fields of Belarus to the green fields of Selby district. For more than ten years, the Chernobyl Children's Project has been working to improve the lot of youngsters brought up in the shadow of the 1986 nuclear disaster in the Ukraine.