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Alexander Rybak

Technical Administrator. Kiev, Ukraine

Alexander joined the project Pripyat.com in April 2010 and currently manages the technical infrastructure of the project.

Catherine Varaksina

Editor of the English version. Moscow, Russia.

The official representative of IPE "Center Pripyat.com" in the Russian Federation, editor, founder of the charity fund to assist victims of Chernobyl "Prometheus".

Alexander Kleinberger

Editor of the German version. Klagenfurt, Austria.

Alexander joined the project in 2010. Lives in the small town of Klagenfurt, which is located at the southernmost tip of Austria. A student of Media and Communications at the University of Klagenfurt, where he studied Slavistics and Russian. Particularly interested in the history of Eastern Europe. For the first time came into contact with the subject of the Chernobyl disaster in 2005, after reading a report on Chernobyl. According to Alexander, it is important to him that people have not forgotten what happened in April 1986, especially considering that the victims of Chernobyl are still suffering from the consequences of the accident.

Victor Shinkarenko

Editor of "Media" section. Kiev, Ukraine.

Victor became a member of the project in 2007. He graduated from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute with a degree in telecommunications. Range of interests includes not only communication, but railway transportation, media processing of video and sound, mysticism, and everything related to Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In our age of information society he believes that only interactive materials will not let a new generation to forget the terrible tragedy of Chernobyl. Credo - "I want to beleive".

Anna Gorelysheva

Administrator of the service Address Book Zone of Alienation. St. Petersburg, Russia.

Always active sympathizes and even occasionally contributes to the project team. Naive dreams, that the idea of ​​Pripyat as a museum after all get to realize, and that all the good people someday will gather and kill all the bad people, that someday we will again become a mighty superpower country, and go back into space, and of the happiness for all in vain. Amen. Is an engineer in information security and Unix-Administrator. Loves equipment Cisco.


Alexander Esaulov, Lyubov Sirota, Anna Korolevskaya, Anatoly Kolyadin, Victor Grabovsky, Alexander Novikov, Tamara Krasitsky.


Darina Pustovaya, Lyubov Sirota, Alexander Naumov, Victor Grabovsky, Alexander Kupny.


Eugene Krasovskaya, Anton Yukhimenko, Alexander Naumov, Alexander Kupny, Alexander Sirota


  • The official group VKontakte: Victoria Markova
  • The official blog in Livejournal: Anastasia Muzychenko

Administrators of the forum:

  • Alexander Sirota (planca)
  • Alexander Rybak (Chrome)
  • Anton Yukhimenko (Moloch)
  • Ivan Koshechkin (Vanusha)
  • Vladislav Vitvitskiy (Vlad)
  • Yevgen Goncharenko (KRANZ)
  • Ivan Tsepaev (Ulis)